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In the context of employee engagement, pride refers to a humble and content sense of attachment to the company. To be proud people need to know that their work has an impact on the company and on customers. They want to know how their work fits into the larger picture. They want to know what other people do, and how it fits. They also need to believe that their work is contributing to the mission, that their skills are required, and that they are an individual whose contributions matter. Pride is one of the four most important factors for a high employee engagement. Proud employees are more engaged and hence more productive and focused at work. Creating a pride environment fuels success of your company.

How do you improve employee engagement with storytelling?

The challenge is to be more deliberate about finding and telling stories in your organisation. Storytelling keeps your employees connected to your purpose on an ongoing basis, as well as to your clients, each other and your leadership. Stories show employees the impact they have on the achievements of your organisation. They help ensure that employees will not only show up, but will be great champions for you and your cause.

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Useful corporate stories are:

1. Your Founder Story.

This is the story of why your organisation started and the need it was trying to meet. Share this story with all employees to make them understand and enable them to tell the story in their personal and professional contacts.

2. Your Impact Story.

This is the story of who you help and how. It portrays the value for the people or communities you serve. It is more than your mission statement.

3. Your Client Impact Stories.

These are stories of how you have helped people. They back up your impact story, personalise the work you do and reflect your cause. They help employees to become more and more engaged in your organisation.

4. Your Employee Impact Stories.

These are stories that show how employees are making a difference every day, no matter what their role is. They demonstrate how the individual employee’s work contributes to the organisation’s purpose and value. These stories deserve to be collected and shared within the organisation.

5. Your Personal Stories.

These are stories about you, which enable employees to connect with you. Stories about the work you have done on the front line, stories about your understanding of challenges your employees face or personal stories about who you are. Being able to tell your stories as a leader is key when it comes to employees leaving or staying with the organisation. Share the pride!

Why is storytelling an essential leadership tool?

For this reason: a company is a story and that story starts with the company’s core. Mission, vision, ambition, positioning and objectives are elements which are defined at the highest level. From there the story can be further conveyed within the organisation. More than ever before, telling the story and inspiring employees is an essential leadership tool.

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Storytelling People is the international authority on storytelling and employee engagement. Our storytelling backbone program empowers leaders with an inspiring story, and creates a company culture of trust and sharing. This leads to an organization with a deeper employee engagement.



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