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Your corporate story: a strong strategic communication tool

The company is a story which is continuously passed on to subsequent generations of leadership. That is no easy task, and particularly not in today’s disruptive world. Sometimes, even the spirit of the business is lost from view. That often has an immediate effect on employee engagement and customer relations.

A higher purpose is essential in your corporate story

A workforce motivated by a strong sense of higher purpose is essential to engagement. Meaningful, fulfilling and motivating work is directly related to a clearly defined and inspiring higher purpose. Employees with purpose-driven leaders show an improvement in their engagement levels. Incorporating purpose storytelling training into your leadership development programs will help participants to speak to people’s hearts as well as to their minds. Encourage everyone – from interns to CEO – to share their own stories about how their work is making a difference.

The result will be a strong sense of pride, optimism and commitment – which are essential to employee engagement.

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Why is pride essential to your corporate story?

Pride is an important element in strengthening employee engagement. Pride is about building a culture of transparency, open communication and a strong sense of belonging. Pride is a product of praise, independent self-reflection and a real feeling of belonging. Pride grows when it is shared in stories in the company. You can develop pride by enabling employees to understand what the company does. What it sells, what it makes and how it makes it, but more importantly why it sells it, and why it matters to people. Why the company has a positive impact on something.

How pride can become part of your story:

  • Your mission statement must be an authentic reflection of your intentions. It should also be cohesive narrative throughout the organisation. Your employees will only be proud if they feel it and if it is constantly shared in stories throughout the company.
  • Does your company support charitable or community events? Does your company contribute to sustainability? Does it get great press? Tell all of this to your employees as well, to earn their pride and respect.
  • As an employee I take pride in understanding how my company impacts its customers. How has it changed their lives, their moments, their work? Respect, company pride, culture and a belief that one’s work matters, are interrelated. Good customer stories are also a great source of pride.
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Why should every CEO embrace storytelling?

For this reason: just as the company is a story, the man or woman at the top should be the storyteller. CEOs who regularly help to disseminate the company’s story, both internally and externally, will generate extra authenticity and credibility. After all, he or she is one of the people who laid the foundations for defining and formulating the mission, vision and ambition. In effect that makes this ‘ambassador function’ self-evident.

Why should every organisation have a corporate story?

For this reason: a clear corporate story offers a basis for the continuing dynamism of this age, often with changes in managers and employee personnel and rapidly changing market conditions. The story gives direction to the emission, division, ambition and employee engagement.

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