Storytelling toolkit

'The storytelling program, tools & App give us a head start'

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Storytelling toolkit: making employee engagement alive

One of the problems a lot of companies face is actually implementing employee engagement. For that purpose, Storytelling People has developed a storytelling toolkit.

This hands-on package of products and services helps with the implementation of a powerful storytelling backbone within the organisation.

Corporate storytelling tools

Corporate story

Corporate story

We record the core story of organisations in a corporate story.

Corporate Story

Storytelling tools for executives to develop and share the organisation’s bigger story.

Tools: corporate story vision, storytelling strategy, speeches, meetings, live streams.


Storytelling workshops

We use corporate storytelling workshops to connect people and organisations.


Storytelling tools for higher management in order to reach specific goals.

Tools: storytelling workshops, storytelling coaching and training, presentations.

Community building

OneStory® App

OneStory® App changes your organization into a lively community.

Community building

Storytelling tools focussed directly on activating employee engagement.

Tools: OneStory® App, storytelling manual, storytelling content strategy, employee stories.