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Develop a culture of trust and sharing. Use the power of storytelling to build and maintain trust and employee engagement.

What is trust?

Trust is the firm belief in the reliability, truth or ability of someone or something. Trust in an organisation is built on interaction. The focus is mainly on the trust that everyone is doing what we decided or agreed to do. Otherwise, we often do not care. However, in a highly dynamic organisation, with a lot of creative crises or new situations, this functional trust is often not enough, because you cannot rely on standard procedures. If you do not trust other people (to catch you when you fall), then you will find it hard going.

We need to be up close and personal to develop this kind of trust. We need to develop trust on a deeper level. If you engage in dialogue, you can actually talk about your fears, your doubts, and your feelings of uncertainty. If handled correctly, this builds trust.

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How can we improve trust and employee engagement?

To maintain trust you need to make the effort and do trust-building things, such as:

  • Develop a culture of trust and sharing. Use the power of storytelling to build and maintain trust.

Our storytelling backbone helps you do that.

Employee engagement starts with each person and is subjective. Employees do not check their personalities out at the door when they come to work. Knowing that they are respected as individuals at work can have a significant impact on how employees view their overall lives. It starts with recognising how an employee’s unique set of beliefs, talents, goals, and life experiences drives his or her performance, personal success, and well-being.

Leaders in the best companies strategically align their employee engagement efforts. They find ways to communicate the effect of engagement and share best practices across the organisation. They use every opportunity, touchpoint and communication channel to reinforce and recognise the organisation’s commitment to employee engagement. They integrate employee engagement fully into the business storytelling backbone.

Employees deserve to be cared for by leaders and managers, since they are the company’s best asset. Companies have a valuable opportunity to transform their employees’ work experiences into ones that are meaningful and motivating. That will allow workers to bring their best to work every day.

About Storytelling People

Storytelling People is the international authority on storytelling and employee engagement. Our storytelling backbone program empowers leaders with an inspiring story, and creates a company culture of trust and sharing. This leads to an organization with a deeper employee engagement.



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