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In the context of employee engagement pride refers to a humble and content sense of attachment to the company. Proud employees are more engaged and hence more productive and focused at work

What is pride?

Employees have a strong sense of pride if they do meaningful, fulfilling and motivating work. If their work is related to a clearly defined and inspiring higher purpose. Work related to a higher purpose develops not only a strong sense of pride, but builds optimism and commitment as well. These are all essential to employee engagement.

To be proud, people need to know that their work has an impact on the company and on customers. They want to know how their work fits into the larger picture. They want to know what other people do, and how it fits.

They also need to believe that their work is contributing to the mission, that their skills are required, and that they are an individual whose contributions matter.

Why is it relevant?

Pride is one of the four most important factors for high employee engagement. Proud employees are more engaged and hence more productive and focused at work. Creating a pride environment fuels your company’s success.

Pride leadership

How do you increase pride with storytelling?

Storytelling is an effective tool to strengthen employee engagement, pride, and emotional connection to the company. It encourages employees to recognise and celebrate the meaning and positive impact of the work they do. It appeals to the higher purpose of the organisation and the work of its employees. Employees who are proud, because of the social impact or the higher purpose they have, are twice as satisfied with their jobs as those who do not hold such beliefs.

When we tell stories, we share our experiences, basic human themes and appeal to our emotions – all things that every company needs more of. Stories are the foundation of human interaction, learning and communication dating all the way back to the tribe gathered around a fire. It is behaviour that is so ingrained in our brain’s functioning that we learn best through stories.

Pride teamwork

How do you develop pride in your organisation?

  • Develop the why – a clearly defined and inspiring higher purpose – corporate story concept
  • Help to discover own stories: why do you do what you do? Why does your work matter?
  • Share own stories about how your work is making a difference
  • Have purpose-driven leaders
  • Offer (purpose) storytelling training
  • Help employees to speak to people’s hearts as well as their minds

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Storytelling People is the international authority on storytelling and employee engagement. Our storytelling backbone program empowers leaders with an inspiring story, and creates a company culture of trust and sharing. This leads to an organization with a deeper employee engagement.



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