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Leaders are role models. Earning employee respect as a leader is the first key to employee engagement. It is what leadership is all about.

Why is leadership relevant?

Employee engagement is boosted by the respect employees have for your leadership. That translates into higher customer satisfaction and greater financial performance. Investing your efforts in building leadership respect is what makes the difference. Increasing employee engagement revolves around, among other things, the creation of internal ambassadors. Companies that spend time and energy on transparency, working on confidence, clarifying the Why, providing an insight into decisions, sharing successes and helping people to participate in the daily work of their CEO, board and top managers will see that reflected in rising employee engagement scores.

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How to develop engaging corporate stories?

Storytelling is useful in many more situations than most leaders realise. It can be used to inspire the organisation, set a vision, teach important lessons, define culture and values, and depicts who you are and what you believe. It can start a fire. Storytelling is important because people cannot be ordered to ‘be engaged.’ The human brain does not work that way. However, you can ‘lead’ them with a good story. Stories are far more effective than ‘command and control.’

The first challenge for leaders is to have compelling stories to tell. Stories with the ability to engage employees. Either stories from others, depicting your own believes and messages, or your own stories, based on your own experiences, memories or lessons learned.

The second challenge for leaders is to tell stories in an effective way. Nowadays companies hire good storytellers or teach storytelling skills to their executives, since it is often not something they have learned at business school. But also to all employees, because employees do tell stories every day.

People will tell stories about you and your company whether you want them to or not. Fortunately, you can help choose which ones they tell. The way you do that? You tell them first.

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How to develop respect for leadership?

People will believe you if you believe in yourself. – Christen Dominique

Build leadership competences. Be visible and transparent to be respected. As a leader, you are a role model. You need to show people what kind of person you are. You need to ensure that people can see how you make decisions and understand your reasoning. This is how your employees feel engaged and able to do their best work.

Distrust and disrespect grow in dark corners unlit by information and any visibility into what is really going on. Lead your team from the front every day. If not physically, then digitally. Share your stories, ask questions and be present, visible and known. Be the leader, not just of a company, but of a community of people.

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Storytelling People is the international authority on storytelling and employee engagement. Our storytelling backbone program empowers leaders with an inspiring story, and creates a company culture of trust and sharing. This leads to an organization with a deeper employee engagement.



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