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Why employee engagement? If employees experience work as meaningful and motivating, they will bring their best to work every day and make a consistently higher effort.

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement is the level of connection employees have or ‘feel’ for the company they work for. A company with a high employee engagement is likely to have more engaged employees. They feel a profound connection to their company, work with passion and willingly go the extra mile. They are the catalyst for innovation and move your business forward. Engaged employees solve problems, innovate and create new customers.

Employee engagement in your company depends mostly on the group of unengaged employees. They are often difficult to spot because they mostly do just enough to fulfil their job requirements. They ‘sleepwalk’ through their day, uninspired and unmotivated, with little or no concern for customers, productivity, profitability, safety, or quality. They spend their time thinking about lunch or their next break and have essentially ‘checked out.’

Transforming unengaged employees offers you a great opportunity to improve your business performance and profitability. Research has revealed that employee engagement relates to most important performance indicators. This is highly consistent across different organisations and regions of the world.

3 building blocks to enhance employee engagement



Trust is the firm belief in the reliability, truth or ability of someone or something. Trust is built on interaction. Nowadays the focus is mainly on the trust that everyone is doing what we decided or agreed to do. However, trust goes deeper than this and storytelling helps you to increase the level of trust.



Employee engagement is boosted by the respect of employees for your leadership. That translates into higher customer satisfaction and greater financial performance. Investing your efforts in building leadership respect is what makes the difference. It cannot be enforced. It has to be earned.



Pride is the humble and content sense of attachment to the actions and choices of the company, another person or yourself. Employees have a strong sense of pride if they do meaningful, fulfilling and motivating work and if their work is related to a clearly defined and inspiring higher purpose.

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Storytelling People is the international authority on storytelling and employee engagement. Our storytelling backbone program empowers leaders with an inspiring story, and creates a company culture of trust and sharing. This leads to an organization with a deeper employee engagement.



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