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Building employee engagement to drive your company forward

Employee engagement is the challenge every large company is currently facing. Worldwide, only 13% percent of employees are engaged with their work, 63% is not engaged and 24% is actively disengaged. Storytelling People builds an employee engagement backbone for international companies which connects, motivates and activates people right through the organisation.

Storytelling People inspires, connects and makes employees proud of their business. Identity, mission, vision, ambition and strategy acquire meaning in employee’s minds and hearts thanks to storytelling.

Storytelling People's clients

The value of enhanced employee engagement

Heineken, Amgen, Randstad, Oracle, G4S and ABN AMRO. Our clients show who we are, what we stand for and how we strengthen employee engagement.

Engaged employees are active and loyal to the organisation. There is no greater force than that of employees who commit themselves to the same higher goal. The foundation for this is setting a good example as leadership, with regards to mutual trust, meaningful work and being proud of the organisation.

Strong employee engagement generates commercial strength and meaning at all levels within the organisation.

Storytelling toolkit

Corporate story

Corporate Story

We record the core story of organisations in a corporate story.

Corporate storytelling workshops

Corporate Storytelling

We use corporate storytelling workshops to connect people and organisations.

OneStory® App

Community building

OneStory® App changes your organisation into a lively community.

The connecting power of corporate storytelling

Storytelling People uses corporate storytelling to strengthen the internal engagement. As a result the corporate story becomes visible and tangible to employees, clients and stakeholders. The value of experienced employee engagement is considerable.

Employees can identify and connect with the meaning and higher goals of the organisation. Business contacts know what they can count on. Corporate storytelling also makes the social meaning of your business tangible.

Take a step into the future with a storytelling scan

Storytelling scan proces

Backbone scan

This scan gives you a clear insight into the storytelling backbone which is best for you in order to boost employee engagement.

Storytelling scan corporate story

Story scan

This scan will provide you with an analysis of the communicative power and highlight ways to improve your existing corporate story.

Storytelling scan cultuur leiderschap

Leadership scan

This scan clearly shows how storytelling can optimally connect with existing leadership and culture programmes.